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Are you ready to ditch your glasses and start wearing a new pair of contact lenses? Allow our team to help you pick out the perfect pair of contacts, guide you through the insertion process, and more.


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Choose from an assortment of contact lenses

•  Prosthetic

•  Soft

•  Gas permeable

•  Extended

•  Disposable and more

Over 30 years of experience

With over 30 years of professional experience serving the San Gabriel Valley, our talented team has efficiently treated those who suffer from astigmatism, cataracts, and other eye ailments. Trust us to provide you

with high-quality care and superior customer service during

every visit.

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Most insurance accepted

It's very important that you speak with your insurance company before your first visit with us. Doing so will help you to avoid costly bills in the event your insurance does not participate with our office. Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about our insurance process.

save up to S100 our office great looking eyewear

Both English and Spanish are spoken by our office team. Contact us now to learn more about our friendly, courteous staff members.

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